How to Stay Comfortable While Flying

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How to Stay Comfortable While Flying

Do you remember the days where you would get dressed up in glamorous designer clothes, sip champagne in your private car to the airport where you are whisked into your first class cabin and showered with treats?

No, neither do I. What I do remember are the times where I would sit on a plane for hours on end thinking that I was about to lose my mind.

After too many journeys like this, I decided that it was time for a change. I asked around my friends and fellow travelers for their tips on how to have an enjoyable flight and came up with a collated list, which I want to share with you, below.

Don’t Pack Light

First things, first. Packing light is for your checked bag. Before you fly, find out the allowable carry-on dimensions for your flight, head to the Groupon Coupons page for ALDO and pick up a new travel case which matches the size. You will be surprised at how much you can take with you.

Dress for the Event

Unless you are flying first class, there is absolutely no reason to dress up to fly. This even includes jeans! If you have a long haul flight coming up, look for the most comfortable and socially acceptable pair of track pants and a sweatshirt you can find and wear it.

Snacks and Drinks

Airlines are generally okay for providing meals, but snacks and drinks in the meantime are often a challenge. Before you board, head to the pharmacy closest to your check-in gate and load up with snacks and drinks.

Bring Two Pairs of Headphones

Do you remember the pair of headphones that originally came with your phone? Get it out of the box and pack it in your carry-on. Too many times I’ve been stuck with broken headphones on a plane.

Sensory Deprivation

Speaking of headphones, I invested in active noise cancelling headphones. They let me flick a switch and say goodbye to the sounds of the world and the airplane around me. Active noise cancelling headphones are great to help you sleep and relax on the plane.

Offline Entertainment

One time I thought I was really smart by selecting some movies and a series of TV shows to watch on my phone. Little did I know that the app I used needed an internet connection to play the movies. This left me up in the air for 12 hours with little to nothing to do.

Take movies, music, games, and any other type of electronic entertainment with you, BUT, make sure that it all works without an internet connection.

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